The Rock and Roll Report Radio Spotlight is on: CIBL 101.5 FM Montréal

I have featured the wonderful Mimi la Twisteuses and her Dodécaphonique Twist radio show before but the word is that she will be changing time slots and be part of a triple rock and roll attack on Thursday nights (correction, not Tuesdays as originally posted) on CIBL FM. Starting June 17 the schedule of this new assault on the ears of Montréal (and the world on the ‘Net) will be:

19 h to 20 h 30 : Dodécaphonique Twist
20 h 30 to 22 h : Etc.Rock (with Rory Tremblay)
22 h to 24 h : Plum Pudding (British Pop with Nathalie Pelletier)

This will be a great way to spend your Thursday nights and since they stream over the ‘Net you will probably get better reception then some of us who listen live over the air! These are three people who know their rock and roll so try and tune in for a taste. You might also want to keep the ol’ high school French book handy just in case! A nice cosmopolitan twist to your regular rock and roll diet. How can you say no?