The Rock and Roll Report Radio Spotlight is on Lucky Dog Radio

For those of us who harken back to the glories of freefrom radio, the pickings are slim in this Clear Channel dominated radio landscape, although that is slowly changing thanks to the Internet and satellite radio thank God (and if you have been reading this site at all you know that there is lots of great rock and roll radio to be had). That’s why it is so nice to come upon a radio show that picks up from where the likes of KSAN and their late ‘60s compatriots left off. Lucky Dog Radio is a very cool weekly 2 – 4 hour slice of freeform radio heaven available for streaming each week through the fine folks at Live 365. Jon has been doing Lucky Dog Radio going on four years now and he stresses that he is trying to produce radio the old fashioned way, with care and an understanding that good radio is an artform. As Jon describes it himself:

“Lucky Dog is a freeform music program featuring both new and old music, and although I start from a rock and roll base, I mix styles and genres that range all over the musical universe. Each weekend I put together a new show (usually 2 hours long, but sometimes 3 or 4), record it onto my computer and load it up to the Web. There are always two programs available for folks to listen to 24/7, and each weekend I rotate in another show.”

The latest show is his Lucky Dog Christmas Spectacular with loads of cool and obscure Christmas stuff to listen to. After that comes the “2004 review” looking back at all the releases that made the Lucky Dog happy. Very cool stuff for those of us looking for a fun radio experience. Ya that’s right, radio can be fun! Check it out.

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