Rock Radio 2.0

The Rock and Roll Report Radio Spotlight is on Pure Pop Radio

Alan Haber is back after a four-year hiatus with the wonderful Pure Pop radio show. Specializing in all things of the melodic pop variety from the “1960’s, 1970’s and today” Pure Pop Radio is a lot of fun to listen to. Broadcasting live every Saturday afternoon from noon-1:00 PM EST on WEBR in Fairfax, Virginia and streaming to the global masses on the Internet, this is a partial example of what was played last week on Pure Pop Radio:

The Archies: Sugar, Sugar
Sammy Davis, Jr.: The Candy Man
The Stereo: Tell Your Football Dad No
Chris Richards: Your First Mistake
Herb Eimerman: I Don’t Want to Know
Orpheus: Walk Away Renee*
The Left Banke: Walk Away Renee*
Phil Angotti: Juliette Foster
The La’s: There She Goes
The Pogues: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Walter Clevenger and the Dairy Kings: Supermarket Checkout Queen
Seth Swirsky: Bike Trip
Frank Lee Sprague: So Far From My Heart
David Grahame: Milk Carton Ad
Fountains of Wayne: Hey Julie

Over all it’s a blast to listen to and WEBR is a really cool freeform, non-commercial radio station that I had never listened to before. A great one-two punch! And while your at it check out the great Buhdgeblog for Alan’s regular thoughts on pop culture.