Rock Radio 2.0

The Rock and Roll Report Radio Spotlight is on Radio X

Radio X calls itself "independent radio" for a reason. According to the people behind the station:

Our slogan means just what it says. Radio X is independent in the fact that we play artists and bands that aren’t affiliated with the major labels. Radio X is independent in thought, format, and idea. Radio X is privately owned and operated and not under control of the mammoth recording industry.

Radio X is a great example of just one of the resources available to indie musicians that welcome their contributions with open arms and airplay. Great radio devoid of the formulaic corporate crudd found elsewhere, Radio X is just great radio. I have only been listening for a couple of days but like what I hear. More indie choice is music to my ears. Check it out today.
UPDATE! Just recieved an e-mail from Charles at Radio X to tell me that their streams have stopped while they relocate the station. They hope to be up and running within a month so check back then, althought the website will remain up. D’oh!