The Rock and Roll Report Radio Spotlight Is On Rocking Radio

After a six month hiatus, Rocking Radio is back on the air, streaming over the Internet playing a hard hitting, driving blend of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal ranging from classics like Iron Maiden and Slayer, to young up and comers like Chimaira and In Flames. With the motto “None of the hits, all of the time” Rocking Radio has made a conscious choice to play a strong mix of well known bands, as well as a deep roster of underground metal bands that drive the heavy metal culture that the station promotes. On top of that, a large proportion of the music they play are on indie labels who have allowed the station to play their bands’ tunes without having to pay webcasting royalties, a move which both gives the label publicity as well as allowing Rocking Radio a chance to put their money where it is needed most, such as paying for things like bandwidth. I love this quote from station owner DJ Harley:

“We’re just trying to have a little fun here. This is a station that’s all about more metal, and less hair. We try to play the stuff that doesn’t get played anywhere else, while staying away from the lipstick wearing pansy bands that nearly killed the industry in the late 90’s. It’s hard driving, no gimmick music.”

Nice to see that someone cares. Check it out. Rock on!
(Thanks to Barbara at Flaskaland for the tip.)