The Rock and Roll Report Radio Spotlight is on Scrub Radio

Are you an unsigned band looking to get on the radio? Are you a music fan looking to listen to some cool unsigned artists? Then Scrub Radio might just be the station where you can get your fix. Describing themselves as "a station dedicated to unsigned artists" Scrub Radio has a pretty varied musical palette as well as live DJs spinning the tunes. Check it out. You may just be hearing the "next big thing."


  1. Thank you for the write up on your website. We love giving unsigned bands and independent artists exposure! Our hope is that our artists can gain a few fans, sell a cd or 2 and catch that major break they have been working for. We just provide one more tool to get them there

    Gary DeMoss
    Scrub Radio Staion Manager

  2. Many thanks for the write up ! We at Scrub Radio appreciate the kind words. And we are ALWAYS looking for new bands to play….HINT HINT. If you’re an indie musician and want to get more exposure of your music swing by Scrub Radio and submit your info to the Approved Artist Database.

    One Angry Swede
    Host of The BIG Show on Scrub Radio
    Weds @ 10PM EST

  3. My thanks too, for the write up. It’s a honor to host 2 hours of great music from independent artists from around the globe. They may be from all over, but they’re all together at Scrub Radio!
    Drop by our show site and see if your music would fit in!

    The West Coast Show
    Monday Nights 9-11 PM Pacific

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