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The Rock and Roll Report Radio Spotlight is on: Snap, Crackle, POP!

I have wanted to feature the excellent Snap, Crackle, POP! Radio show hosted by Craig Leve for a while and I finally was able to slot it in for this week’s radio feature. Broadcast every Friday from 10:00 AM to 12 Noon PDT on KWVA Eugene, Oregon Snap, Crackle, POP! specializes in “classic pop from the ‘60s to today” but I figure the best way to get an idea of what kind of music it features is print a playlist from the week of April 9th:

Lane Steinberg LIVING IN A NEW WORLD (EM Japan, 2001/1986)
The Singles I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU (Rainbow Quartz, 2003)
Baskervilles THIS WAS THE WEEKEND (Secret Crush, 2003)
Ambulance Ltd HEAVY LIFTING (TVT, 2004)

*Interview w/ Marcus Congleton of AMBULANCE LTD

Ambulance Ltd MICHIGAN (TVT, 2004)
Ambulance Ltd YOUNG URBAN (TVT, 2004)
Jason Falkner BOTH SIDES NOW (Air Mail Japan, 2001)
Jason Falkner LOST MYSELF (Wreckchord, 2004)
Tim Reid TWO LEFT FEET (JAM/Pop Boomerang, 2003)
Fleetwood Mac SARA (Warner Bros., 2004)

The Hammersmith Gorillas YOU REALLY GOT ME (RPM UK, 2004/1974)
Buster SUPERSTAR (Castle UK, 2003/1974)
Brett Smiley VA VA VA VOOM (RPM UK, 2003/1974)
The Jook AGGRAVATION PLACE (RPM UK, 2004/1974)
Warwick LET’S GET THE PARTY GOING (RPM UK, 2003/1975)

David Celia FILL MY EMPTY CUP (diy, 2002)
Rich McCulley UNCERTAIN (diy, 2002)
The Riffbrokers HATCHETED HEART (Unsmashable, 2002)
Phil Seymour PRECIOUS TO ME (The Right Stuff, 1996/1980)
Herb Eimerman THE LAST GOODBYE (Jam, 2004)
Gingersol A GREAT DAY FOR WAR (Idea Prone, 2004)
Conrad CLOVERLAND (Swoop Canada, 2002)

Mavis Staples A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME (Raven Aus., 2003/1969)

Great stuff to prime yourself for the weekend ahead. Very cool.

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With close to three decades of radio under my belt I can honestly say, that Craig Leve and Snap Crackle Pop, is one the best shows flying under the radar. Tell a friend. They’ll hank you.

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