The Rock and Roll Report Radio Spotlight is on WFMU 91.1 FM, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

I did a quick check on the various radio stations that I have featured over the past year and I am stunned to realize that despite the fact I have mentioned them numerous times I have never actually featured one of my all time favourite stations, WFMU in the Radio Spotlight! WFMU is an incredibly eclectic freeform radio station operating out of Jersey City, New Jersey but broadcasting to the world on the Internet. Where do I start? WFMU is radio the way it should be. Incredibly knowledgeable record freaks playing anything and everything you could possibly imagine and a lot more you couldn’t. Sure there are shows that I listen to regularly like Three Chord Monte, Music to Spazz By and Teenage Wasteland but there is so much cool stuff happening on WFMU that it just makes sense to listen to it all the time. Completely listener supported, WFMU is an increasingly rare station in this day and age of cookie–cutter commercial radio. Listen and be amazed. Then donate some time or money.