The Rock and Roll Report Record Label Feature is on Romani Records

In this edition of our cool Indie Record Labels feature we take a look at Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania-based Romani Records. Run by head honcho and namesake Jeremy Romani, Romani Records is just another example of a small indie record label in it for the love of music.

Jeremy was kind enough to answer some questions for The Rock and Roll Report:

Rock and Roll Report: How long has the label been around? How did it get started?

Jeremy Romani: The label itself has been around only about a year now. It was started as an outlet for me to release my music nationally. I wanted my band at the time, Goodbye Soundscape to really push it’s J. Robbins produced, debut release in a big way and turn some heads for us. At the time, I was really focused on the music end. But now with all the right connections for distribution and media contacts, I’ll be able to pursue the label completely.

RRR: What kind of music does the label release?

JR: Romani Records was initially built around me to release music. In a way it still is, because I’m not allowing it to be pigeon holed into any type of single genre. I like all types of music. So, I will be releasing all types of music.

RRR: How many bands call Romani Records home? Name some of the best-known bands on the label.

JR: Not too many as you see it started in just 2007 and at the time I was playing both label and bandmember. So, Goodbye Soundscape was it’s premiere band and I had to push it on my own. Currently, I am still looking for artists. Bands with good music and like-minded people to help create one unit that are making moves in a big way. Except now, I have people working for RR and it’s not a one man operation.

RRR: What are some of the current releases being promoted right now by the label? What releases are going to be released in the near future?

JR: Goodbye Soundscape – Our Mutual Friend (produced by J. Robbins) EP is available now. As for the future, 2009 we will be releasing 3 new releases.

RRR: How does the label release its music (music formats)?

JR: As much the industry is evolving and going all digital. I’m an old school guy who likes artwork and lyrics. We release CDs still. Also splits on 7 inches and of course everything digital.

RRR: Biggest plans for the future of the label?

JR: Recently, I have teamed up with Grammy Nominated Producer, David Ivory. I work close with a lot of his bands now and I’ve also become a an active voting member of NARAS. I’m trying to create a Cardboard City like crew. So, that all demographics are exposed to Romani Records and it’s artists. Working with David Ivory has given me that opportunity to add new bands to the label to make one big media buzz around all parties included. Which is, my up and coming artists, friends that I release for, and musically influenced businesses like, Traditiona Clothing, Wonkavision Magazine, and Who are also apart of the some-what blog roll if you will.

RRR: The industry is going through some trying times with CD sales dropping. How does Romani deal with this?

JR: We’re not too worried about it. I didn’t start an independent record label to make money. Who would? I’m doing this all DIY, my own pocket. I want to release and expose bands that I personally really love, friends of mine that I believe in their records and hope that soundscans will help them pursue their dreams further in the music business.

RRR: What sets Romani apart from other labels? What should rock and roll fans know when checking out your bands?

JR: We are not just a label. We are a brand, a moniker, a family, an appellation. People supporting people and bringing their own marketing bases together. When checking out the RR bands? Keep an open mind. They will all be different.

RRR: Do you accept demo submissions from bands?

JR: Yes we do. Please submit at

Thanks so much Jeremy! Check Romani Records out at:

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