Record Labels

The Rock and Roll Report Record Label of the Week is: Detour Records

When David “Dizzy” Holmes, modern day mod and record collector extraordinaire had a brutal scooter accident that left him wheelchair bound, he did the only logical thing for a person obsessed with rock and roll, he started a UK based record label called Detour Records. And what a great record label it is. If you like power pop, beat and mod, or just want to hear some good rock and roll, Detour Records is a great place to start. The label actually encompasses three imprints. Detour Records is the original label, still going strong with a wide selection of great mod influenced bands. Bin Liner Records is a label dedicated to releasing stuff from log lost and mostly forgotten punk bands from the original punk explosion that occurred in England in 1977. Finally, The Introducing Series was set up for incredibly talented bands that don’t have the funds to do a full record pressing run. Introducing puts out records by great bands in limited 300 record runs. As usual, here is a record label run by a real rock and roll fanatic. The label has grown, not from savvy and clever marketing or huge million selling CDs but from a one dimensional fixation on what one person (actually there are a couple of people now involved in the label) believes is good music that should be released to the world, economics be damned. Although Detour Records is just one of many, their passion and quality makes them stand out as an inspiration to all of us who love our rock and roll. Check them out, it is time well wasted.