The Rock and Roll Report Record Label of the Week is: Green Cookie Records

For the Record Label of the Week this week we journey to the birthplace of democracy, Greece. It’s amazing how the Internet has changed things. I have been pretty much out of commission all weekend with some kind of neck muscle pull/virus when I decided to at least check my e-mail and try to get some writing done for The Report and amongst all the messages was an e-mail from Nikos Panagos, co-owner of the Greek record label Green Cookie Records complimenting me on The Rock and Roll Report and letting me know about his small label. Perfect timing Nikos as I was about to work on the Record Label of the Week and I hadn’t yet decided on which one to choose (a great dilemma I might add). Green Cookie Records currently has three bands in their stable and they can best be summed up as concentrating on “instro-surf and garage-punk.” A really interesting small record label featuring albums by The Star and Key of the Indian Ocean from France who are primarily into instrumental-surf music, The Mutants from Finland who are a very original instrumental band that Nikos describes as “instro-afro-garage-mambo” and trust me the description fits, and finally The Marshall Plan Kids from Greece who are described as “soulful pop-garage.” You can download some of The Marshall Plan Kids MP3s from their IUMA page (which got me to wondering what is happening to IUMA these days but that is a whole other post) and MP3s of the other two are available from their respective websites and as usual I urge you to download some of their stuff for a quick listen. Record labels like Green Cookie are great news to all those people frustrated and disgusted with the current state of affairs in the music biz. A rock and roll record label in Greece run by people who love cool music. As I have said so many times before you can find rock and roll all over the world if you just look for it. Whether from Thessaloniki or Omaha, rock and roll cannot be denied. Keep it up Nikos, you’re in great company.