The Rock and Roll Report Record Label Spotlight is on American Laundromat Records

Alr_logo_round_lo_res_1 Any label that is putting together a trubute CD to those cornball ’80s movies like "Pretty in Pink", "Breakfast Club", "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and "St. Elmos Fire" sounds like something that requires further investigation. And sure enough, American Laundromat Records is a very cool indie label with a lot of great stuff in addition to the aforementioned "High School Reunion" (put together with another previously spotlighted record label Face Down Records). Featuring great bands like the Honored Guests, The Atomic Hep Cats (great name!) and the Lovable Rogues among others, American Laundromat Records is a lot of fun with some great  bands on the roster.  Still curious? Then head over to the Downloads page of the label and download away! Great stuff with a sense of humour. How refreshing. Check it out.