The Rock and Roll Report Record Label Spotlight is on Eenie Meenie Records

The record label spotlight this week is a bit of a two-for-one deal. As usually happens, I came across a band that I think is pretty cool and in investigating said band I discover that they are on a record label I’ve never heard of and the record label is also very cool. Well the band that did it to me this time is From Bubblegum to Sky, a very cool “retro pop” band that combines a “love for American pop with Japanese kitsch, Bowie and the Beatles with Pink Lady.” Check out Hello Hello Hi, My Thousand Years with Robots, Operation Big Beat and Some Kind of Fantastic for a nice sampling of what they have to offer. They are also currently on tour so check the website for dates to see if they will be appearing near you. Once that has whetted your apetite check out the rest of the roster of Eenie Meenie Records a record label that is “forging a bridge between the Los Angeles underground music scene and Tokyo Pop culture.” A really interesting lable that is nicely offbeat, they feature loads of MP3s that you can sample before plunging in for a purchase. Well worth the time to check out.