The Rock and Roll Report Record Label Spotlight is on Hard Soul Records

Over the holidays I was lucky enough to recieve a very cool package from a record label that I wasn’t familiar with called Hard Soul Records featuring two CDs by Little Steven fave Jarvis Humby and Hell’s House Band. The brainchild of Trevor Randall, the mastermind behind the great Acid Jazz Records in London, Hard Soul has both the attitude that I like and based on these two releases, the goods to back it up. Jarvis Humby and their CD "Assume the Position It’s" are a great contemporary garage band who evoke images to me not just of the Kinks and Spencer Davis Group but of Northern Soul as well with great modern production tossed in. A great band and a fun listen that will have you pinning for the Carnaby Street of old in no time. Really great stuff. Hell’s House Band with "Dozen Lies" is masterminded by Mark Curry and friends and runs the gamut from indie fury to blues-rock without the cliches. Another great listen and reason enough for me to track Hard Soul Records in the future. After all, if they’re good enough for Little Steven then that’s all I need to know. Check out their music player for an aural tour.