The Rock and Roll Report Record Label Spotlight is on ProgRock Records

If you thought that progressive rock has been relegated to those scratchy Yes and Peter Gabriel era Genesis albums on the top shelf of the closet in your spare bedroom then you’d better think again. With labels like ProgRock Records, the progressive rock genre (which incedentaly nobody seems to be able to adequately describe to my tastes) is moving along quite well and there are some truly interesting bands out there combining everything from fusion and jazz to alternative rock and the blues. ProgRock Records has a number of cool bands on their label that deserve your attention with 4Front, Atlantis and Bubblemath all putting out some pretty cool stuff. While there are no downloads on the ProgRock Records site available you can listen to their excellent ProgRock Radio station to get a feel for the kind of music that they put out. This isn’t your father’s prog rock!
UPDATE! Although the ProgRock Records website does not have any MP3s for you to listen to, the individual band sites do in fact have various multi-media things that you can download including MP3s so if you want to try before you buy you should check out the band’s own website first.
UPDATE 2! Shawn Gordon of ProgRock just e-mailed me to let me know that they do in fact have audio samples of just about everything plus they try to make available at least one full track for download for all the artists that ProgRock represents. It is only for those bands that they resell that there might not be audio available. My apologies for the confusion.