The Rock and Roll Report: Your Home For Niche Free Rock and Roll!

I have been having a pleasant debate with Coolfer about the future (or potentially lack of) of something referred to as “roots rock” which is essentially defined as bands like the Strokes and White Stripes who borrow liberally from the past which could theoretically be anyone from the Rolling Stones and the Psychotic Reaction to the Stooges, MC5 and Television. I hate the description “roots rock.” I want my own description dammit! From here on in The Rock and Roll Report, the blog that refuses to categorize rock and roll, has invented its own category (tongue planted firmly in cheek). I will champion the cause of “Niche Free Rock and Roll.” What might this be you ask? Well niche free rock and roll is practiced by bands who help themselves to the musical past to come up with something new, as in “made today” not as in “wildly innovative and socially important.” Do these bands and performers borrow from a particular band or genre? No way baby! These bands and performers pillage from everything. Punk, Pop, Psychedelic, Mod, Blue Eyed Soul, Bubblegum, Blues, Acid Rock, Country Rock, Sunshine Pop, the list is endless. They warp it, they twist it, they slavishly copy it, they make it there own today. They record demos, play gigs wherever they can, record some more, post MP3s, collect records, rant and rave and basically fly their freak flag as high and for as long as they possibly can. They look back to the past while enthusiastically creating their own future. And sometimes they even use computers! Call them retro, call them copycats, call them old school, these cats just want to rock and roll your world. Help me find these people and remind them that they are acting so “unhip.” And stop smiling and tapping your feet! This is serious people, like music is suppose to be. Right? Ah, niche free rock and roll! How satisfying. Just like music should be. Now where did I put that record by Moby? Moby Grape that is.