The Rock Princess’ Unsigned Pick of the Week is PopVoxX (with free download!)

PopVoxX is believed to have been abandoned as a newborn somewhere in the rural hills of Bulgaria. He was found & raised by a band of Gypsies who, over the next five years, worked their way west across Europe. It was in the Tuscan hills of northern Italy where the Gypsies left PopVoxX with a tiny sect of monks who had taken a lifelong vow of silence. It was in this silence where, thanks to century old chants, the foundation for his love of music was laid. This was also the place where he would learn of his destiny & receive his name. PopVoxX (the Latin root vox populi literally translates to “voice of the people”) became a title to which he would prove himself worthy in years to come.

At the ripe age of 13, PopVoxX was sent off by the monks in pursuit of his destiny. He began walking his way across Europe in search of truth & reason. All of this time he was documenting his life by writing lyrics & original music. As his love affair with music blossomed, he rapidly became a noticeable fixture in the underground club scene of any city he found himself in.

At the age of 18 PopVoxX had taught himself to speak English by listening to American music. This was also the age he was given his first chance to perform. He took the stage at an underground club in the coal mining town of Kiruna, Sweden & the legend of PopVoxX was born. The never before seen energy bled from the stage and into the crowd and his performance is still fondly referred to as “the night the mad silence turned to rad violence”. As the legend of PopVoxX grew in the European underground, so did his legion of followers. All of this took place while he simultaneously and intentionally avoided the mainstream. There were always rumors of his existence, but rarely proof. He became underground music’s version of The Loch Ness Monster.

PopVoxX was to the underground, what Punk was to Rock & Roll. His fans even branded his unique sound and storytelling prowess as “Pop/Hop”. But, with success came a price. The more he performed, the more his popularity grew and so did his chances of being exposed to the mainstream. The crowds became more uncontrollable with every show and PopVoxX realized that drastic measures needed to be taken. Then, on the eve of the new millennium while performing his song “PopVoxX Is Dead” the legend disappeared from the stage, never to be seen or heard from again…that is, until now.

After an eerie silence of over 8 years and in almost prophetic fashion, PopVoxX has emerged from the depths of creativity with a renewed power & vigor. Claiming to have cleansed his soul, he now feels ready to share his gifts with the world.

PopVoxX is after all the “voice of the people”…so, why not let that voice be heard.

Once you have heard PopVoxX you will crave for more….

He has Just moved to LA as he has now taken on the task of doing a TV show as well…….

We wish you well on your new beginning and know you will keep rocking us as you do…..


hugs for you all…..

The Rock princess and The Rock and Roll Report…..


Download and enjoy for free courtesy of PopVoxX, Rock Princess and The Rock and Roll Report!

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