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The Rock Princess’ Unsigned Pick of the Week is Steven Talbott

Steven Talbott had made a name for himself in the 90’s as one of the top vocalist in the Los Angeles area with the hard rock band “The Gutter Boys” playing to sold out crowds in the best clubs. With the coming of the new millennium, Steven was to re-invent himself as the lead guitarist for the Pop-Rock band “Love Toyz”. Turning the county, receiving national radio play of their CD “Bitter Fruit” and spots in “Guitar World Magazine”. During his time in Love Toyz, Steven sharpened his song writing skills and vocal abilities getting ready to open his wing for a solo gig that would be the most rewarding and challenging feat to date.

Before setting off on his own, Steven started a little project with good friend Neil Wharton as a vehicle to raise money for the Skylar Neil Foundation. Neil (the son of Metal legend Vince Neil of Motley Crue) on vocals and Steven on the guitar, toured the states as “Rock N Roll Junkies” playing the original CrueFest’s. Which helped raise well over $80,000. Steven performed on “Too Fast For Love: A Millennium Tribute to Motley Crue” with great reviews. Although the shows, fans and band mates were the best, Steven knew there was something else he had to do. The solo CD he had been threatening to do for years. You can also find Steven on Stereofame,he has a steady group of followers,and alot of comments that show him just how many people believe in what he is doing……2009 will see Steven going places,so take note of who he is…and join him on his journey to Fame…We wish you well in all you do….

Steven has also kindly given us the link to his New Cd out….

and if you enter the code under it you receive yet another $4.00 of the price of it…..Thanks Steven….YOU ROCK!!



Rock Princess xox

Taking the credit and blame for his debut CD “Walk On Water”, Steven has taken on not only the vocals and guitars but the programming, recording and mixing of the project. “This has been the total what the fuck am I doing exercise for me and it has been a love hate process. I have more respect for the people I have worked with in the past and I can’t wait to collaborate in the future.”

Steven has many endorsements including Greg Bennett Guitars by Samick and is even the guy on the box for the SM-200 Guitar Package.

To see a list of endorsements, purchase “Walk On Water” or just see what is new with Steven, go to

Download FADE from the Steven Talbott Band courtesy of Steven Talbott, the Rock Princess and The Rock and Roll Report!

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Steven Talbott ,
Dude, Welcome to the whirlwind that is going to happen to you from Rock and Roll Report!! we hope that everything goes very well for you in your future..

Hey Steven

I used to hang with you guys in love toyz back in the day at reflections in my home town. dont know if you remember me but i joined the army and ive been trying for years to get the lovetoyz cd can you let me know how? well its nice to see you doing good=) if you still talk to Kat tell her i said hi later.

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