The Rock Princess’ Pick of the Week is Illicit Eve

illicit-eve-298Illicit Eve have come a long way since they released their debut album in 2005, with various back line changes, Illicit Eve, now a rock duo are one of the most exciting up and coming rock acts around.

Emily Smart and Fliss Freeman are the female leads of the fashionable and enterprising rock duo. Blessed with super-talented musicians, whose dexterity on guitar provides a further string to their bow, Illicit Eve is more than your average rock group.

Smarts song-writing skills and soulful vocals are an ideal focal point over Freeman’s virtuosic bass guitar playing, and their unique blend of harmony is refreshing.

Illicit Eve’s debut album Element Eleven arrived in stores in May 2005 and received airplay nation wide, and 2008 saw Illicit Eve unleash their new sound with their latest album ‘Into The Woods’. Other achievements include performing at the 2005 Big Day Out, S.A Finalists in the 2007 MTV Kickstart your rock career competition, their song ‘Revolution’ swam on Triple J’s ‘Sink or Swim’. More recently they were at the top of the unearthed charts for several weeks, a Unearthed Jukebox Feature artist and featured on the new Triple J Unearthed program on ABC2 in Nov 2007.

When Illicit Eve is in full flight, with its mix of powerful rock and rhythmic pop, the show is dramatic, the music adventurous and the result imaginative. Smart’s unique stylish voice and Freeman’s funky bass riffs makes this one band that commands your attention.

Thanks to Arts SA and Mixmasters Records, ‘Into The Woods’ was launched on Feb 16th @ JIVE, and arrived in stores through Mixmasters Records & MGM distribution on Feb 18th 2008.

Download and enjoy their track 1111 courtesy of Illicit Eve, the Rock Princess and The Rock and Roll Report!


  1. Illicit Eve are one of a kind. These girls deserve everything they get. The music is fun, intelligent and flowing but the girls are simply wonderful people

  2. Killer Chops, Killer Song, Killer Influences….
    Best Wishes for continued Success….Rock On!

    Peace & Respect!..McG

  3. These girls are amazing live – their latest effort is fantastic (and completely demolishes any competition in the girl rock genre across the country) but onstage they own it – well worth checking out!! You won’t regret it, I promise!

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