The Rock and Roll Report Gets Under The Groove at the Church of Yeah!

It has been way to long since I last posted anything onto, I have been on a working sabbatical while running which for a variety of reasons this website has now closed down leaving just the livelifewest facebook page!

While working with livelifewest I have become even more aware of the vast amount of top quality music within the sites regions, which are based in the South West of the UK. This article will highlight just one of the many world class bands which I have got to know recently, The Dynamite Pussy Club. Just the great name alone draws your attention and believe me, their music really is something else.

To set a purely fictional scene or picture in order to give you a feel of what to expect from The Dynamite Pussy Club just imagine this, you are a father who has just returned from a hard days toil at work. As you return home your daughter informs you that she is to be picked up and taken to a gig. At this point a large pink station wagon pulls up outside and your young daughter rushes out before you have any chance to question her intentions. The station wagon pulls away as soon as your daughter boards the vehicle. This is when you notice ‘Church Of YEAH!’ written on the rear side windows of the station wagon. Now this just happens to jolt your memory so you head on over to the music player in the corner where you find a CD with a picture of that station wagon on the cover. You notice that this album is by a band called The Dynamite Pussy Club and you realise that this is who those punks are taking your beloved daughter to see. On this revelation you decide to play a little of this CD and whoa man, you have a thought in your mind telling you that you aren’t that old really and boy do these guys know how to rock’n’roll……. To hell with it, you are going to find that gig and have a great night out yourself.

That is enough of my imaginary ramblings, The Dynamite Pussy Club are a class act and a great band who have just released a debut album called The Church Of YEAH! If you like your rock’n’roll a little scuzzed up and with good doses of theremin and a dose of punk boogie thrown into the sound in a garage mambo fashion, then you will just love The Dynamite Pussy Club. The Church Of Yeah is a true testament to bands dedication and to the pleasure and elation that these guys so obviously gain from making their music.

The Church Of YEAH! Is a ten track treat, track one, ‘Testify’ is a full throttle scuzzball slingshot which launches you right into the album firing you into track 2 ‘Crabbait’ which follows on in the same vein. Track 3 ‘Devilswhore’ gets a little sleazy until track 4 ‘Get With It’ which raises the pace again and gets you set for track 5 ‘Under The Groove’. This is another superb dose of scuzzball rock’n’roll. Track 6 ‘Do It’ really does it so well. Track 7 ‘Sick’ is a song about a fever, this tune makes excellent use of the good ‘ol theremin, it has a real traditional feel it although this is somewhat turbo charged. Track 8, ‘Primeaval’, 9 ‘Allergic Reaction’ and 10 ‘Boogieshoes’ are each of a similar style and these really do give a taste of what to expect from a Dynamite Pussy Club show.

To surmise, The Church Of YEAH! is a superb album shaped by so many musical influences. The feel of the music alters ever so slightly towards the end of the album as the sound gives the impression a bit more like that of a jam session. Personally, I love this as it is genuine quality and it expresses an almighty genuinity, which is just so Dynamite Pussy Club. If you like your rock’n’roll to be a little garaged and Cramped up with a punky edge then you will just love The Dynamite Pussy Club, get some in and join the church of YEAH! This album deserves a 9/10 rating and every single song is iPod worthy, just put them on rotation in a random playlist….

I have only seen these guys once which was last summer when I was involved in a battle of the bands competition held the awesome Pen & Quill in Taunton, Somerset, UK. This was my first experience of being on a judging panel and it was a great experience. Out of 35 entrants 10 got through to the show, 9 of whom turned up on the night. The Dynamite Pussy Club did not win but were a very close second on my own list, judging the night was an incredibly arduous task as there was just so much amazing talent to decide between. The Dynamite Pussy Club played a fantastic set and I would recommend them for everybody who loves full on rock’n’roll to see or book for a show.

I had a little chat with Chris from the band a short while ago and from this you will find out a little more about the bands pedigree and background etc. They are an active and integral part of the music scene over here in the South West of the UK.

Nick -What inspired Dynamite Pussy Club in the first instance and how did you all come together?

Chris – Ed(drums) and myself were in garagepunk band RUSTY SPRINGFIELD. We had been going for 5/6 years and released a couple of albums but personally I felt like wanted to do something bit different. I’d always loved James Brown, funk, Stax, blues stuff and really wanted to do something edging towards that a bit but keeping the rock on. As Rusty was on bit of extended break we put together Dynamite Pussy Club as Ed was well up for doing it. He loves all that funk stuff too. I rang up Danny(guitar) and asked if he'd be up for giving DPC a go. I had seen him about town and with different bands and he has a great guitar style as well as being the coolest dude this side of cheddar gorge.

As RUSTY was bass, drums, guitar I thought if did that combo it would end up being bit similar so I started playing guitar alongside Danny's guitar. and we have tried to bring some soul and Funk into the punktrunk.

Nick – What can you tell us about your single 'Testify' and could you educate us about previous releases?

Chris – We were asked by Dead By Mono label if wanted to contribute a track to their ace NO WAY OUT series of compilations. They really liked Testify so you can get that on No way out VOL2. It is a really great comp with loads bands from all over world. Highly recommended as well as VOL1 which I think may have sold out. Just before Xmas we put out an EP, GREASY SOUL as a download taster for thing to come. This got a lot of BBC radio 6music airplay. In January we did a split 7"on Bristol label ARTSCARE RECORDS with fantastic band THE BACKHAND JAGS. We recorded 2tracks exclusive for this. Do MY Thang and FLOOR.

Nick – What do the DPC have lined up for us in 2012?

Chris – Our debut album "THE CHURCH OF YEAH" is out in April 2012 and is available as download and from online stores. It can also be ordered from any record store and will be available in some of the independent stores.
Its 10 tracks with discobeats, garagerock, tribalsoul. GO GET IT!
We recorded with Rob Williams at Ruby Studios in Bristol.
We really love playing live so keep getting the gigs in and trying to put on a great rock’n’roll show. I think playing live is where you get better and find your sound

Nick – What can you tell us about your choice of instruments and any preference of brands?

Chris – Amp wise we got a Vox and a blues custom. Vox just rule. The Blues custom has cRUNCH!

Nick – It is my belief that bands like DPC keep the spirit of rock'n'roll alive. What other genres would you care to be associated with if any I.E punk/rock/metal/garage? And why?

Chris – They are a lot of great bands around Bath and Bristol keeping the spirit of rock’n’roll alive. It’s a great little scene at moment. All bands have sorta pooled together especially in Bath and if your into Garagerock, punk, rock music then every weekend there are bands playing. A lot of venues a few years ago didn’t wanna put bands on if they played this sort of stuff and couldn’t promise to bring 15 people so in a way bands such as ourselves have put on nights which has created a scene that’s bringing in bands from all over while sticking 2 fingers up. YEAH!!

Nick – What are your hopes and plans for the future?

Chris – Future wise we are looking forward to letting people get a piece of us. We have had a lot of interest from Film companies. Rusty Springfield signed with people who put together soundtracks for some great films such as Donnie Darko. Ive sent all the DPC stuff and am getting some interest with that, so that'd be cool. Were just really enjoying playing and building on that. Think we've probably got enough songs to records album 2 as well. It all comes down to enjoying it and writing some groovy ass songs. I think the three of us are doing both….and looking suave. YEAH!

You can check out The Dynamite Pussy Club through these links…

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