Rock History

The RockPop Gallery Cover Story is on Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust

The RockPop Gallery is a an amazing art gallery that specialises in “bringing customers the best selection of limited-edition, music-related art prints, photography and related collectibles available on the market today.” They have some phenomenal stuff and their recent exhibition in LA on album cover art was amazing.

lepsptpdbzs1s_2.jpgNot only is this a great place to buy some impressive rock collectables, owner Michael Goldstein has a great blog that is well worth visiting and to entice you even more he has started a regular Friday feature called “Cover Stories.”

According to Michael,

Our weekly series will give you, the music and art fan, a look at “the making of” the illustrations, photographs and designs of many of the most-recognized and influential images that have served to package and promote your all-time-favorite recordings.

Every Friday, we’ll meet the artists, designers and photographers who produced these works of art and learn what motivated them, what processes they used, how they collaborated (or fought) with the musical acts, their management, their labels, etc. – all of the things that influenced the final product you saw then and still see today.

We hope that you enjoy these looks behind the scenes of the music-related art business and that you’ll share your stories with us and fellow fans about what role these works of art – and the music they covered – played in your lives.

This week he features the work of artist Terry Pastor on Bowie’s “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders of Mars.” It is a fascinating look into, what I fear is a fast disappearing art form, especially now with the prevalance of digital downloads.

Check out the feature and enjoy this look into the creative process. I’ll remind you every Friday of what Michael has up his virtual sleeve but really, the site is a must visit.