The Sad Tale of Bobby Beausoleil

If you want to read something compelling yet eerie, creepy yet a fascinating part of rock and roll history read Lucifer Arisen by Lessley Anderson in the SF Weekly. It is the sad story of the infamous Bobby Beausoleil. With tales of rock and roll excess, satanism and the dark side of the San Francisco hippy culture of the late ’60s, Lucifer Arisen is a compelling read. Just turn the lights up bright.


  1. i’ve read some of bobby’s review’s since his prison sentence and cannot sympathize with his self centerness . He never seems to consider his victim and their families .He always focuses on what he could be doing with his life if he was released from prison .when you take a human life from there families , you cannot take it back !!your choices can haunt you for a life time .

  2. Bobby has done his time. If he were not associated with Manson, he would have been released long ago. If people get paroled after 7 years for commiting murder, why can’t Bobby? He and I email each other occasionally and I find him to be a very nice man who has paid his dues.

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