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The Shys – Astoria (Sire Records)

The_shys_2 There are still some of us who like our rock and roll with a bit of cocksure swagger. You know what I’m talking about- the cream colored Les Paul slung low down on the waste of Mick Ronson, the decadent debauchery of Exile on Main Street, the “fuck you” attitude of Iggy Pop, the rock and roll thump of AC/DC. As long as somebody continues to make amplifiers, somebody will plug their guitar into them, kick in the speaker and insist on playing fuzzed out three chord riffs while some too-skinny singer with acne and greasy hair sings in front of a stone-faced bass player and a frantically flailing drummer. It’s part of rock and roll’s DNA. Jet mined that vein to glory and The Shys are attempting to do the same with their Sire debut Astoria.

Making no apologies for their stripped-down sound, The Shys instead seem to revel in it. Never Gonna Die and Call in the Cavalry kick things off with a suitable kick in the pants but it’s the Stones meets Bolan of Waiting on the Sun that got me interested. Having it Large is great at high volume (it’s playing right now) and over all this stuff pretty much rocks from beginning to end. Good stuff and sure to be a band to see live if you get the chance as they are currently touring the country (I plan to catch them at the Osheaga Festival here in Montreal). There’s some great rock and roll meat on these bones. Take a bite…I’m sure you’ll like the taste. Check out their My Space site to listen to some of their tunes.