The Subways release their new single “Oh Yeah”

Subways_3 If you were waiting with baited breath for something new from a personal favourite of mine The Subways you will be glad to know that their latest single “Oh Yeah” is out know! You can buy it here in anticipation of their upcoming full length release due some time this year. To whet your apetite, check out the video for “Oh Yeah”
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  1. Yeah this song’s pretty good. theyre playing at my universitys SU in a few weeks, i may go.maybe. the girl bassist is gorgeous though! theyre all related though… the lead singer and drummer are brothers and the bassist is the singers girlfriend!relations on tour must be hell!

  2. Yes here it is. It’s the UK’s answer to the vines. Energetic and the bass player is H.O.T.

  3. amazing, brilliant and talented i love them! My mates band recently supported them when they came to derby it was totally awesome!

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