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The Sweetbacks

Sweetbacks When you put the Sweetbacks self-titled album in your CD player, you will literally start sweating before the end of the first number “No Sister No Fun” as this Swedish band is absolutely furocious! Amazing rock and roll with layers of rolling organ screaming out and even featuring honk tonk piano on one track (“Room Without a View”)! Lead Singer Linus Hjellstrom has tuned his rock and roll wail to full ear piercing timbre and the rest of the band just completely rocks out with a swagger that reminded me at times of “Exile on Main Street” Rolling Stones. These guys are absolutely amazing and by all means I am going to see them if they make their way to North America. This is what rock and roll is all about. Absolutely first rate rock and roll. I grin ear to ear whenever the Sweetbacks are blaring from my speakers. Check out Tiger and The First Hit (is the sweetest) for a sample of rock and roll Sweetbacks style. Top notch.