Odds & Sods

The Tools I Use and Those I hope To Use

Well, I am finally retiring my circa 1996 PC for a brand new circa 2001 PC! Actually, it’s my wife’s old office PC that I have used a bit in the past but we bought it so now the headaches are all ours! The hard drive had crashed (literally crashed. It was making all kinds of weird tapping and knocking noises!) but this has been replaced (under warranty thank god) and a 512 MB RAM upgrade is in the works. What this means to The Rock and Roll Report is probably more important to me than you but 2 things stand out. I will finally be able to install an RSS News Reader program to track all the rock and roll blogs I like and hopefully make it easier to post their coordinates to my site. Also, I am going to be trying a program available that allows my PC to record Internet radio so I can play it back at a time more convenient to me. This will allow me to better review all of the cool rock and roll stations that I listen to but at a time when I can concentrate and enjoy them better and hopefully help me in putting together my Global Rock and Roll Radio Report that I posted about yesterday. I also have to decide if I should migrate from Windows 98 to Windows XP so any comments would be appreciated in this regard. I’ll let you know how all this geek stuff works out and recommend what I can. At the end of the day, my new PC should make things easier for me so that I can spend what little time I have available listening to, reading about and posting on all the cool rock and roll that’s out there. Of course, I never expected my hard drive to crash in the first place so I’m currently in “once bitten, twice shy” mode but hey, everybody tells me that technology will be our salvation and who am I to argue about it? I might even think they’re right. Now how to format that new hard drive? I think I’m supposed to shake it twice, spin it once and what the hell is this wire for?…..