The Tools I Use

While sitting here at this beautiful burled cherry wood conference table at The Rock and Roll Report’s world headquarters located in a funky 200 year old building in Old Montreal, I gazed out through the glass wall at the banks of rare, pre-release G6 PowerMacs and Sony PCs running beta builds of Microsoft’s Longhorn operating system that the writers use to churn out their Pulitzer prize winning prose and I thought, what an amazing amount of technology we use to put out the premiere rock and roll magazine on the Internet…..
Whoa! Must have dozed off there for a minute! What a cool dream I was having.
You know, the great thing about blogging is that you can get on the ‘net in as little as 5 minutes with practically no money down. Honest. It makes my D.I.Y. heart leap to think of what one person can accomplish nowadays with the wave of personal publishing tools available to all, far and wide. When I decided to start foaming at the mouth about some cool rock and roll stuff I came across on the ‘net, I signed up for a free account on Blogger, coupled with a free e-mail address at Hotmail and off I went. I can submit posts from any computer connected to the Internet so I can even use the public terminals at my local library! And if you think that I’m all hi tech then think again. For the Report I primarily rely on an old Pentium Pro machine running Windows 98 through a 56K modem to a dial up connection. Granted while I am looking to upgrade both the computer and ‘net connection in the near future (listening to Internet radio on a dial up connection is frustrating at best), and I hope to move up a notch or two in blogging software (possibly Movable Type but probably Type Pad) the point is that “nanopublishing” on the cheap can be done. Run a search for “free blogging tools” in Google and you too can be the next Jann Wenner (only if you consider that a compliment!). What are you waiting for?
Back to sleep.