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The Top 10 Greatest Rock Bands in the Modern Era according to MTV2

The top ten are as follows:
1: Nirvana
2: Metallica
3: Guns N’Roses
4: U2
5: Radiohead
6: Linkin Park
7: Red Hot Chili Peppers
8: Green Day
9: Pearl Jam
10: No Doubt

Do not shoot the messenger despite the fact that I consider MTV to be the Rolling Stone Magazine of television. I can hear the collective gasp from here. No Doubt? Pleeeease. Full details can be found here.

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Elsewhere I wrote this about the Beatles, which complements the pithy and accurate posting by blogger Andrew:

“The Beatles derived their unparallelled greatness from synergy: the absorbed influences of Elvis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, and other founding fathers; their friendly rivalries with the more lyrically sophisticated Bob Dylan and the more ribald and thrilling Rolling Stones; the unique chemistry of the Fab Four themselves (imagine, for starters, a band with not one but TWO geniuses: the acerbic/surreal/trippy Lennon and the droll/sincere/lovey-dovey McCartney, each balancing the other’s weaknesses and bringing out the best in each other); and their unique ability to always be one step ahead, as the bellwethers of the Cultural Revolutions of the 60s.”

TS: I think the Beatles biggest contribution is not only The British Invasion which helped The Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds which later morphed into Led Zeppelin make it in America but they are most responsible for turning rock & roll into rock music.

Haha no doubt! gwen stefani?! Have you heard her recent stuff? It’s like r&b/pop. Total bullshit! And why has no one mentioned the police??!!

It seems most of you fail to realize what music truly is…it’s a form of expression. It’s always been associated with fame and fortune. The difference today is that music has been exploited and commercialized, meaning recording labels, artists, and promoters are in it strictly for the money and fame. There’s no heart in music anymore, it’s flooded with pointless, meaningless, hate, violence, self-pity, and get-rich-quick schemes. Music was once an accurate depiction of any given artust and era during their time. Nowadays these so-called artists are recording in their parents garage bitchin about not getting enough hugs from their parents. That’s music today folks. Oh, do you mean artists and recording labels are actually supposed to have a genuine passion, love, and talent for the art, originality, and truth expressed through the art of music? Really? Get the fuck outta here!

Hark :-)) I will link this discussion with my blog (in germany) because it’s so funny. no one will never find out who’s the best in rock, but everyone will always talk about it. and there are a million points of view. we will never come to an end. that’s ok with me. do (and believe) anything you wanna do. you are right. and wrong.

cheers, folks 🙂


mtv along with every media outlet that gives a top list on anything wether its best songs of the 90s or best bands of the 90s never ever mentions tool. i saw a few lists of the top albulms of 2006 and none mentiond 10000 days… wtf is the media world coming to.. tool is one of the only rock bands still around new or old that produce really good music

how can dere be so many retards in dis world. WHO DA HELL CAN SAY LED ZEPPELIN R NT DA BEST OF ALL TIME and that too by far.Much betta than Stones and Beatles who come second and third.I aint reffering to Mtv list but to some posts above which put van halen ,U2,etc. above ZEP.LICK ASSES SUCKERS. For da record i m 18.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you, someone has opened their eyes and realized who the true gods of rock are. Who ever you are killbillgates you’re cool man.

All of this bands are k (well, except for linkin park and no doubt), but where did they leave system of a down, led zep, ozzy, and COME ON, pink floyd!!!
… a way it pisses me off…

ok…where is killswitch engage? and take off greenday, maetallica, (only had three good songs) aand please take of GUNS AND ROSES! here should be the real list in order…

1.) Tool
2.) Killswitch Engage
3.) Jimmy Hendrix
4.) NIN
5.) The Who
6.) Red Hot Chilli Peppers
7.) Wolfmother
8.) POD
9.) Korn
10.) Disturbed

if any of yalls hae a problem with this list you can talk to me about it if it’s SUCH A BIG DEAL! YOU GUYS R LIKE A BUNCH OF KIDS LMAO

Modern era rock bands in no particular order: I consider GnR, AC/DC and Metallica more classic rock

1. Radiohead
2. Smashing Pumpkins
3. Pearl Jam
4. Nirvana
5. Tool
6. Soundgarden
7. Stone Temple Pilots
8. Alice in Chains
9. Rage Against the Machine
10. Primus

yea dude you are missing some of the legends. Nirvana id effinately agree with and all thos ebands i like but where the hell is led zepp. and ACDC Black sabbath you are missing out on bands that shaped rock and roll. Fucking U2 them faggot ass pussys they are like pop not rock are you joking alls i know is that you should quit at rock and roll because you obviosly dont know a thing about rock. i think that me and just about everyoneon this page thinks you are retarted.

These are the best bands in the world ding dongs

2.the clash
3.10 second epic
4. three days grace
5. mcr
6.billy talent
7. u2
8. more greenday
9. nirvana

your momma

Hello!!! This is the (Now in days) List, not that oldy shit. This is what real people that have lives listen to!


1:Avenged Sevenfold – They have really good acustics and sing well

2.Earshot – Personaly i only like a few of their songs, but damn they rock out!

3. Godsmack – Personaly, my band just loves these guys so id feel bad if i didnt put these guys up!

4. Korn – HAIL KORN!!!

5. Linkin Park – YA I KNOW , many of u old foak dont lyk LP, suck my dik!

6. Marilyn Manson – Goth Rock, the only guy regular rockers can listen to.

7. Mudvayne – Yes, Mudvayne, rock out!

8. Papa Roach – C’mon guys, these guys are 90’s and are still being listend 2!

9. Payable on Death – Ok , also i only like a few of their songs, but every time I turn on the Radio their on, so i kinda had 2 put them up..

10. Rage Against the Machines – Kick ass Band here

11. Rob Zombie – More Goth Metal, I like , but many religions arent really “alowed” to listen to it! lolz

12. Slipknot – C’mon, just listen to their music!!

13. Smashing Pumpkins – awesome AlternRock band

14. UnderOath – New band, and fucking awesome

Bands that no one listen to

NIN – ok they are good, but out of their league but ya they are good

Greenday – Damn preps (shit)

Evanescence – only 1 good song, and thats it, her voice sucks balls (shit)

The Fray – OMG He plays the piano, thats not rock!!! (Shit)

The Cure – are you guys eating hash? (Shit)

And by the way the oldie bands, ya i wont make fun of u that u listen to them, but foreal, get into the years guys. Yes, they must be respected but, damn arent most of them dead now, or in their 70’s?

everyone just shut the fuck up and stop putting lists cause everybody has a different taste in music and all those lists are probably wrong so eveyone get a fuckin life

Yeah dude everyone has a different taste in music, but it’s fun ripping on other people’s taste in music if you don’t like it.

The greatest rock bands are:
1) Led Zeppelin
2) The Who
3) The Doors
4) The Beatles
5) The Jimi Hendrix Experience
6) AC/DC
7) Pink Floyd
8) Pearl Jam
9) Black Sabbath
10) Yes
11) Queen
12) Nirvana
13) The Rolling Stones
14) Genesis
15) Rush

And the worst bands:
1) Blink 182
2) Guns & roses
3) the others 1000 bands in the world

Americans don’t know nothing about rock music. Brits a little bit. Germans? Rammstein, hah.

Pink Floyd with Syd Barett


ah shit, all the young dudes today are numb dumb and blind as a rat’s asshole. Stick your short breath mtv bullshit up to where the sun never will shine.

dig that

I am 15 years old and even i know that this list is a piece of crap.
Here’s ur list

1. The Beatles
2. The Rolling Stones
3. Led Zeppellin
4. The Who
5. The Jimi Hendrix Experience
6. A/C D/C
7. Lynyrd Skynyrd
8. Black Sabbath
9. The Eagles
10. Cream

yo u guys r so hyped up on these hard rock bands ur forgetting abou true classic rock bands like THE WHO,allman brothers, blondie, journey, rolling stones, aerosmith, queen, lynyrd skynard, the doors. props to keyser sooze for puttin some real bands on there

Linkin Park Hybrid Theory is pretty kick ass so u cant say to much shit about them…as far as the list goes…no one is going to be haqppy because everyone has their own list ni their own order of what they like

Its MTV… what did you expect, they dont know fuck about rock music. although its the modern era…the beatles, stones, zep, etc are old… theyre talkin about todays era. but wtf, why is no doubt on there? gwen stefani cant sing rock music now, and she couldnt when she was with no doubt. i dont see whats so great about radiohead, they sound like chewbacca takin a shit. Green Day should be at the top of the list.

Oh my god, so many people arguing about nothing.

The title clearly says modern rock, yet so many morons come in and talk about Led Zeplin and Ozy.

Anyway, this list is screwy as hell..Like when is the modern era? Say 1980s+?
If so, then fine Metallica and U2 may stay.

I’m loving how most of the bands on this list owe their millions to MTV, Greenday? Well shit why not put some other shit like Chemical Romance on… Greenday wern’t all that great before they sold out, and now they have a legion of morons who love em to bits.

Back to the list, why is Linkin Park there, while sone of the greatest bands of all time (Soundgarden??) is completely forgotten…I won’t even begin to start on No Doubt.

For me, in no order, my list from 1980:
*Alice in Chains
*Iron Maiden
*The Pixies
*The Living End

And a few others who are pretty cool aswell:
*Oasis (Have they even been mentioned? Why oh why Be here now..)
*Pearl Jam (A bit disapointing lately, but hey Ten and Vs were great)
*Nirvana (More than a tad over-rated, but still good just the same. No way have them on number 1. In Utero was a gem)
*Red Hot Chillis (If they quit tommorow, they would be remembered fondly, but in my eyes they are selling out for the green big time)
*Muse (Still going well, new album is a bit of a breakthrough- here in Aus anyway)
*A few others I can’t be bothered going through, the Vines, REM, the Smiths, the Offspring, Rage Against the Machine etc..

All you oldies, out of the thread, it isn’t here for your superiority complexes (spellcheck :S)

As Homer Simpson said so eloquently, “Everyone knows Rock ‘n Roll attained perfection in 1974. It’s a scientific fact.” You can’t call half of those band’s music Rock ‘n Roll, it’s just wrong!!! True Rock fans will all agree the only good Rock ‘n Roll is Classic Rock ‘n Roll. Go Mick!!!!!

Everyone stfu don’t post your stupid list of your favorite bands no one gives a flying fuck. Second, It’s a list voted by the fans for the best in the modern era!!! that means no classic fucking rock got it? good.

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