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The Transpersonals

9d4da3d1ecb315c8b43be5f90a1165c3.wix_mp_1024If you’re a fan of 60’s influenced psychedelic and garagey music, look no further than Bristol based band The Transpersonals.

This unique and talented 3 piece manage to blend retro jam band influences with a thoroughly modern lyrical sensibility. Their songs reference recent popular culture and politics sprinkled over eastern-tinged rocking tunes. The band admit to preferring the environment of the studio and the experimentation this allows them to performing live; consequently their gigs are a bit of a rare treat.

However, when I have managed to catch them live, the results are hypnotic and fascinating to watch. Extensive jam sections evolve seamlessly into quirky 60’s style pop and back again. The Transpersonals’ music sounds like an eternal personal cinematic soundtrack, which we are temporarily permitted to share for the duration of the gig.

Band members Timothy Hurford, Luke Barter and Matt Bane are accomplished musicians with a humble demeanour which belies the subtle genius of their material; they are clearly all devoted to the cause and have that rare focus and unity of direction that many bands seek.

Their songs and blurbs include quotes from Plato, Aleister Crowley, Noam Chomsky and David Icke to name but a few, and the band are clearly into the odd conspiracy theory, expressing interest in hallucinogenic drugs, UFO’s and aliens. All of this is delivered with a humorous undertone so you’re never quite sure if they really mean it, or whether it’s just a means to amuse themselves.

Signed to Guerilla Music Records, a small independant label founded by 2 ex-members of the major label A&R establishment, The Transpersonals have released an EP entitled ‘Hello Hello’ which is available on itunes, and has been critically acclaimed. BBC Radio 2 has featured one of their tracks as a single of the week, giving the band some much needed exposure. Let’s hope that it’s the start of things to come… if only there were more bands like this; intelligent, steeped in evocative influences, and built to last. The Transpersonals isn’t about ‘making it’, its just who they are, and who they will continue to be.

You can watch a superb Transpersonals video HERE

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Written by Sissy Manolo, posted by Nick.