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Women Who Rock! The Triple R Girl for May is Rocker Jennifer Rose

jenrose_300Where have the female rock artists gone? Industry insiders say Jennifer Rose is high energy modern rock with classic rock influences. Her vocal style is most often described as powerhouse.

Born in San Diego to a military father and a go-go dancing mother, Jennifer made her career choice early when, at the age of 3, she darted away in a crowded mall and was found standing on a bench singing to a crowd. Such outbursts are not uncommon. Flash forward to age 16 when Jennifer joined her first band as lead vocalist with band mates that had to sneak her into bars to perform. This was the beginning of a professional career that involved classical training as well as countless live performances and studio recordings involving rock, pop, blues, jazz, classical, gospel and even light opera, plus a variety of cover and tribute bands as well as musical theatre productions throughout southern California and parts of Canada.

In 2008, Jennifer parted from her previous bands and began work on a demo CD of original rock songs with attitude. With a fist full of lyrics in one hand and her life’s savings in the other, Jennifer went in search of a producer who understood her desire to bring back a modern, strong female-rocker figure influenced by the high energy rock of the 80’s with a touch of the glam. As destiny would have it, a random contact from musician/producer Kevin Patrick, the keyboardist for Blondie (2001-2008), offered a unique chance for collaboration. Within a few weeks, Jennifer was on a plane from Los Angeles, California, to the recording studio of Kevin Patrick in Manhattan, New York.
The 4-song demo, released April, 2008, is receiving very positive reaction from fans and industry people around the globe. Jennifer’s songs have played on 30+ radio stations around the USA, Canada and across Europe, plus numerous radio interviews. Six additional songs will be available early January, 2009.

Jennifer Rose has been the “Clear Channel NEW! Featured Artist” on STAR 98.7 FM, 104.3 MyFM and KISS 102.7 FM in Los Angeles. Jennifer has also been a Featured Artist on Smokin Tunz Radio, Incite Rockit ‘n Mix and

Jennifer is also the Video DJ for the monthly internet TV show MetalHeadRadioTV at

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Jen’s new album,’ Alone & Unsupervised’ Rocks big time.One of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time!! She’s going places!!!

Jennifer and the band are smokin’ hot! She is exactly what rock & roll has been needing for quite awhile! I predict great things for her and the band in the very near future. Don’t take my word for it, just go to her My Space profile and hear for your self! Not only does she Rock, she is also a very sweet lady that really appreciates her fans and supporters!

Jen is awsome she defenately Rocks, A must hear for the classic Metal Fan.
You go Jen we love you, Jer 🙂

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