Rock Radio 2.0

There are thousands of web radio stations but is anybody listening?

I am a huge fan of what I refer to as Radio 2.0 which consists of everything from services like Last FM to web radio stations to podcasting but a recent LA Times article asks the question “Is anybody actually listening?”

According to Few tune in to Web DJs, “Tens of thousands of radio shows air regularly on the Web, often with audiences whose numbers could fit around a dining room table. Virtually every musical niche is represented.”

Now the main point of the article seems to be that these web DJs are in essence pissing in the wind to an audience of one but I think it really misses an important point. People like Richard Inman or hell me for that matter do this because we are passionate about what we do. On top of that, technology has allowed us to play music and speak to people who want to listen to what we have to say and play. Whether that audience is in the dozens or the thousands is irrelevant. Maybe not to the hit making machinery of the major labels but it certainly means a lot to the musicians that I play to to know that the people listening to shows like Rock and Roll Report Radio are listening because they want to and that is in essence part of how a band builds a fan base in this Radio 2.0 world. Everything is a niche these days but from little niches revolutions grow.