Thinking About U2

I have never been a huge fan of U2. Why I have no clue but I like a lot of the stuff that I do hear I just haven’t forced myself to pick up the majority of their CDs and really get into them for a couple of weeks to see the light. I haven’t even finished “Unforgettable Fire: The Story of U2” by Eamon Dunphy which I think I started that book probably 3 years ago! A quick scan of my record collection shows The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby on CD, Unforgettable Fire and Rattle and Hum on cassette and War on Vinyl. I want to like U2 more. I think they are very cool and I love their approach to rock and roll tours which is usually over the top rock and roll extravaganzas. They are gearing up for a massive world tour in 2004 with a new album out in the spring that is supposed to be aggressive, angry and real “rock ‘n roll” according to The Edge and Bono. I need a U2 crash course before they come to Montreal because I will be seeing them this time around and I want to know what I have been missing out on. U2 are cool. You know it and I know it but I need to really believe in the hype to get the full U2 effect so help me out on this one.