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This Week’s Ear Candy: Upfront With You by Universal Honey

I don’t know if you are aware of the term earworm but it usually signifies some annoying song that you hear once and can’t shake from your internal record player for days as it keeps repeating itself endlessly until you either hopefully have it displaced by something else or you die. Well I have a similar term but it means just the opposite. Ear Candy to me is one of those songs that somehow pops into your head and sticks with you for days as you constantly hum it with a smile on your face while people look at you like you are some grinning idiot who’s iPod earphones must be hopelessly jammed somewhere down near your eardrums. Upfront with You by Universal Honey is my current ear candy. A great power pop song with a perfect hook and killer background vocals from their first album Magic Basement, I can’t seem to shake it from my head and this as been going on for at least two days. And I kind of like it that way.