Three Miles Out

Before 2008, the Cleveland, OH-based band Three Miles Out had previously released two albums: TMO in October of 2000, and That’s Life in November of 2001. With the release of the two albums, the band had started growing it’s fan base and started playing larger venues. In fact, Three Miles Out has the distinction of being the only unsigned Cleveland band to have played all of the major venues in the city. This includes Cleveland Browns Stadium, The House of Blues, The Hard Rock Café, and Peabody’s Downunder.

Along with playing at the major venues within Cleveland, Three Miles Out has had its share of success: The band has achieved heavy rotation on area radio stations, showcased at several music events including the Cleveland Music Festival, and was named a finalist in the Budweiser True Music Competition that took place at The Odeon in Cleveland.

With all of the success that Three Miles Out has amassed, the band decided that for their next album, they would wait to put it out until they had enough single-worthy songs written to create a very strong album. And after more than six years since their last release of 2001’s That’s Life, the band is in the middle of celebrating the release of their 2008 album entitled Nobody.

Three Miles Out is a Cleveland-based modern rock quartet comprised of singer/guitarist Ken Voll, second singer/lead guitarist Mark Knapp, bassist Mick Corcoran, and drummer Kevin Jackson. Together, the four musicians have lived up to their promise of creating a very strong release. And though not all of the tracks on the album are strong enough to be singles, songs like “Ordinary,” “Perfect,” and the title track, prove that Three Miles Out’s album Nobody could still be considered stronger than most of the albums being released by today’s groups.

You rarely find a band that will allow more a couple of years to go by between releases. Most bands want to keep their name in the minds of their fans. So when a band hasn’t released an album for more than five years that is a very unusual situation: first, because of the time lapse between releases; and second, because of the fact that the band is still together after that amount of time.

But the time between Three Miles Out’s last album, That’s Life, and 2008’s Nobody was worth the wait. And after the extended time between albums, the band finally released their strongest release to date. The new release, Nobody, is worth the time to check out and shows what can be accomplished with a little patience and time.
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Matheson Kamin