Tonight’s The Night!

Hellooo out there! Tonight I begin the migration of The Rock and Roll Report to Type Pad. What does this mean to you? Well, for starters it should look better. It will also feature comments (which I encourage you to use) and posts classified by category (so you can search for posts on just radio or record labels for example). There are a whole bunch of other improvements that will play out over time so overall the experience should be just a bit better for anyone wanting to read my little slice of the blogging pie. Type Pad will also make it easier for me to make The Rock and Roll Report more into what I envision it can be. I am looking forward to being able to do more writing, more reviews and more fun rock and roll stuff instead of fumbling around with font sizes and templates. Instead of just pointing out cool record labels, radio shows, bands and the like I want to spend more time with them, exploring them and showing off everything they have to offer, something that I’m not really doing now. I will also have more control over any advertising that The Rock and Roll Report may feature but you can all relax, it will only feature cool things related to watching, listening to, reading about or making cool rock and roll and be in an as unobtrusive a manner as possible. As it stands now, the revenue from the ads you see on the top of the site go to Google instead of The Rock and Roll Report so hopefully in the future, any ad revenue received will go to offset the cost of paying for the Type Pad service instead of into Google’s coffers, at least that’s the plan!

This transition, despite my best intentions will not be smooth just because nothing with computers ever is. Until the Type Pad site is fully working to my satisfaction you will not be subjected to the horrors of my thrashing around cyberspace blindfolded as I attempt to transfer over the archives and content to the new site. As long as you access the site using the transition should be painless. If you access the site at you will eventually either see a message indicating the site has moved or an automatic re-direct will occur. Hopefully everything should be in place next week, keeping in mind that here in Canada this weekend is the great turkey slaughter aka Thanksgiving so that could slow things down a wee bit as I stagger from one set of relatives to the next ingesting huge amounts of Turkey and pumpkin pie! If you have any problems with the site or comments or suggestions just e-mail me at and I’ll see what I can do to make things better.

Finally, a big thank you to everybody who has e-mailed me with encouragement or linked back to my site. I truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy days to read and (hopefully) enjoy what I am trying to do with The Rock and Roll Report. As always I try to highlight what I think is the coolest in rock and roll bands, radio, record labels, websites and magazines that the mainstream might not be aware of and with your help and encouragement we can have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. A special thanks goes out to my incredibly patient wife who has never failed to encourage me in this whole blogging madness despite the fact that she has to put up with my babbling about the “blogosphere” while at the same time waxing poetic about the latest Sloan album in addition to the tap tapping from my keyboard that she hears at the oddest hours of the night. She’s one of a kind.
Take care. I’ll see you on the other side.