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Transferring Vinyl to CD

So you sit there staring at your incredible collection of vinyl records and you think to yourself “How can I possibly buy all this stuff on CD?” First of all, it will cost a fortune. Second, it’s not guaranteed that the vinyl that you own is even available on CD, especially if you are a collector of obscure and eclectic rock and roll. Well fear not since you can use your computer to transfer those vinyl sounds to shiny new CDs and guess what, you can even get blank CD-Rs that look like the 45-rpm singles of your youth! You can start off by reading the article From vinyl to CD in easy steps to start and after that you can check out Transferring your records to CD. There is tons of software available for both Macs and PCs that make this whole process both easy and fairly automatic to do. Roxio’s Easy CD Creator for the PC and Toast for the Mac work well. There are also a lot of fairly advanced tools like Dart and DC Five that can pretty much take a copy of Edison reciting into a metal spool and turn it into a pristine digital copy. Give it a shot. Just think, you will finally be able to listen to that old Pink Fairies album in the car CD player! Your kids will be thrilled.