Rock History

Trying to get back to the Garden. The battle for the Woodstock ’69 site.

As we approach the 34th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair held in Bethel, New York August 15th to 17th 1969, there is more going on at the site than the Ben and Jerry’s One World One Heart Festival. For a number of years, a group of activists have been trying to get the site of the Aquarius festival preserved in its’ current pristine state. The group faces a tough trip though as the current owners intend, with Sullivan County blessings, to convert the site into a performing arts center. You can check out all the details and their current progress (or lack of it) here. Another group is here.
If you are interested in how the Woodstock festival came to be, I recommend the books “Barefoot in Babylon: The Creation of the Woodstock Music Festival, 1969” by Robert Stephen Spitz and “Woodstock: The Oral History” by Joel Makower. Both go beyond the peace, love and brotherhood hype and point out in considerable detail that Woodstock was as much about money as it was about Rock and Roll. A real eye opener for sure. Then rent the Directors Cut of “Woodstock: The Movie” and chill out man to both a great flick and some inspired music. Almost makes you forget about Woodstock ’99.