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Tune Up Your Guitars and Prep For Battle!

Think you’ve got what it takes to make it in Rock and Roll? Do you want a chance to prove it? If you do, surf over to The Global Battle of the Bands which according to their website will be “the first-ever worldwide talent competition for pop and rock bands.” Again to quote a press release (I’ll try not to make this a habit I promise):

“Forget about artificial Pop Idol-style competitions, this is the real deal with real bands playing real music – live. Encompassing all musical genres, The Global Battle of the Bands will strive to bring the best un-manufactured new talent in the world to a wider audience. Throughout each year, starting in 2004, local qualifying heats and national finals will be organised in countries around the world, with the eventual winners of these going forward to a world final, BOB Awards, which will be held in a different major city each year.

To kick off The Global Battle of the Bands, we are organising a ‘soft launch’ of the concept with the European Global Battle of the Bands in January — date to be confirmed — 2004 at London’s Mean Fiddler (formerly Astoria II). Featuring invited emerging bands from around Europe chosen on the strength of their music and live performances by our network of scouts and industry experts. The best bands will be eligible to go on to the Global Battle of the Bands World Final

We already have hundreds of entries but we still want more. We are seeking as many exciting new signed or unsigned bands as we can find for consideration. Any band entering the competition has to be able to perform live on stage on February 5, 2004. A band can have up to eight members and there is no age limit.

For any band to be considered we will need to receive a music CD (or MP3s) with two or three songs, general information/biography and a photograph (or jpg). From this initial introduction we will make further enquiries about suitable candidates locally through our agents. Further details can be found at All material should be sent to: Arctic Talent Management, 7 Willow Road, London NW3 1TH United Kingdom or by email to:”

Now I don’t know much more about this than you but I would check the site for further details. Who knows, maybe you could be the next one hit wonder!