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Turn Me On Dead Man Gets Political

The great Live365 radio station Turn Me On Dead Man has gone political in the run up to the US elections. The featured artist for October is the MC5 (quite appropriate I think) and they will be playing all political tunes starting at 7:00 PM election night which we ALL know is November 2nd. In addition, they have a cool feature on “the abridged White Album”:

Take a look at the feature “The Abridged White Album?” at George Martin tried to talk the
Beatles into selecting only the best tracks for a single-disc White Album.
Thankfully the Beatles didn’t take his advice, but it’s interesting to think
about what an edited version of this album would have been. On the page “What
Do You Think?” at you can
select your favorite tracks, determine the running order and state your case for
how you would have edited the White Album. To date, I’ve received 323
submissions and the results are interesting.

All very cool Internet radio for rock and roll junkies far and wide.