“TV is the New Radio”

itunes.jpgIf you are a working musician (or you want to be a working musician) you should definitely be listening to the CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast. Always informative AND entertaining, CD Baby has always in my opinion had musicians interests at heart and this podcast is no different.

The latest podcast is a two parter covering music (sync) licensing and it makes for fascinating listening. Regardless of whether you take the Neil Young point of view that licensing your music is anti ethical to being an artist or you are interested in finding out what this whole opportunity involves, this episode has interviewed a number of people active in licensing music and seeking out opportunities for bands and artists. Even if you decide not to take this route you will do so armed with enough information to be making an informed decision.

The thing that fascinated me the most was when Joey Prather of Blue Scout Music opined that things like iTunes commercials are the new way of breaking new, independent and eclectic bands, that in fact “TV has become the new radio.” Highly recommended that you listen to these two episodes and in fact that you subscribe to this podcast. It hasn’t won awards for nothing!