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Two Sides of the Moon: The Return of Keith Moon

I don’t know anybody that actually doesn’t like the late, wonderfully wacked Who drummer Keith Moon. Even if you didn’t like the Who you probably liked Keith. As a drummer he was one of my earlier influences when I started out, luckily just for drumming (at whic he excelled and which seems sadly forgotten these days when people talk about Moon) since if I followed his lead in trying to emulate his offstage antics I would probably be dead or insane. Anyhow, to celebrate what would have been Moonie’s 60th birthday this year there are 2 pretty cool releases you might want to check out.

The first will be of interest to all you drummers out there with Premiere Percussion, the eminent British drum company and supplier of the majority of Keith’s drum sets has announced the production of the 40th anniversary “Spirit of Lilly” drum set, inspired by Keith’s classic 1967 “Pictures of Lilly” drum kit (which also inspired Neil Peart’s R30 drum kit from Rush’s last tour). The set will retail for £4,995,
and will include the original artwork that adorned the original kit and drum sizes played by Moon.

For those of us with a little less money kicking around Castle Music will release on July 3rd a deluxe version of “Two Sides of the Moon” featuring previously unreleased bonus material including rare out-takes, special mixes, spoken word and extensive liner notes.
Guest musicians include Ringo Starr, David Bowie, Harry Nilsson, Ronnie Wood, Flo & Eddie, Steve Cropper, Joe Walsh and Dick Dale. I can’t wait.