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Upcoming International Pop Overthrow dates for Boston & New York

Just a quick heads up that the next two International Pop Overthrow festivals are coming up in Boston and New York City this November. The Boston dates are November 1st and then from the 3rd to the 6th. The New York City dates are from November 9th – 14th and 16th – 19th. Full details can be found at the IPO website. IPO head honcho David Bash always puts on a great event so check it out if you can and support these bands!

UPDATE! David Bash just sent me the detailed line-up for both Boston and New York so here you go if you are not able for some reason to check out the official IPO site:


Thousands of fans from around the U.S. and the world will converge on the East Coast of the United States this fall as International Pop Overthrow heads to Boston and New York. The festival will feature more than 120 of the best pop artists from all around the world. International Pop Overthrow has had nine successful years in Los Angeles five successful years in New York, and Chicago and four successful years in Boston, and IPO East Coast will come on the heels of the festival’s fourth appearance in Liverpool, England (with all shows held at the world famous Cavern Club), as well as our first appearances in Seattle and Vancouver, Canada!

Dates scheduled for each city of the IPO East Coast Tour are as follows:

· Boston: November 1; 3-6 with all shows to be held at The Paradise Lounge

· New York: November 9-14; 16-19 with all shows to be held at The Baggot Inn

Now being touted as the largest music festival of its kind, IPO celebrates the music made famous by such pop heroes as The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Badfinger while also focusing on the vast amount of music being made today by those artists who rely on melodic songcraft to express their musical tastes. From The Beatles to Green Day and The Arctic Monkeys, the International Pop Overthrow Music Festival celebrates the evolution of pop music.

International Pop Overthrow has been covered in several newspapers and magazines, including The Los Angeles Times, L.A. Weekly, OC Weekly, Billboard, CMJ, The Chicago Sun Times, The Chicago Reader, The Illinois Entertainer,The Liverpool Echo, New York Magazine, The New Yorker, The New York Post, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The Boston Phoenix, The Baltimore Sun, BAM, Goldmine, Amplifier, and various international publications.

Artists scheduled to appear during the upcoming International Pop Overthrow East Coast Tour, along with the cities in which they’re apparering, include:

· Andy Pratt (whose single, “Avenging Annie”, hit the Billboard Charts in 1973!) (Boston)

· Rooftop Suicide Club (Boston)

· The Luxury (Boston)

· The Flashcubes (Boston)

· Locksley (New York)

· The Orion Experience (New York)

· The Gripweeds (New York)

· Muck and The Mires (New York)

Plus, several bands from outside the U.S.!

For up to the minute event information, please refer to the International Pop Overthrow website at or our myspace page at

Schedule of Events

(Subject To Change-For The Most Current Schedule, Please Refer To The International Pop Overthrow Website at


(please note: there will not be an IPO show on Thursday, November 2)

Wednesday, November 1: The Paradise Lounge

967-969 Commonwealth Avenue



7:30 Jillian Wheeler

8:00 Andy Pratt

8:30 Anushka Pop

9:00 Mike Previti

9:30 Girl On Top

10:00 The Cautions

10:30 The Kickbacks

11:00 Cookie Cutter Girl: Pop Superhero

Friday, November 3: The Paradise Lounge

967-969 Commonwealth Avenue



8:00 The Naomi Star

8:30 The Silver Lining

9:00 Temper

9:30 Rooftop Suicide Club

10:00 The Luxury

10:30 The Flashcubes

11:00 My Little Radio

11:30 Minky Starshine and The New Cardinals

Saturday, November 4: The Paradise Lounge

967-969 Commonwealth Avenue



8:00 Mitch Linker

8:30 Scamper

9:00 A Wish For Fire

9:30 The Irresponsibles

10:00 The Banana Convention

10:30 The Brett Rosenberg Problem

11:00 Sass

11:30 Rock E. Rollins

Sunday, November 5: The Paradise Lounge

967-969 Commonwealth Avenue



7:30 Dave Aaronoff

8:00 Jen Tobey

8:30 Justin Levinson

9:00 Mark Renburke

9:30 School For The Dead

10:00 Coley

10:30 RUTH

11:00 The Motion Sick

Monday, November 6: The Paradise Lounge

967-969 Commonwealth Avenue



7:30 Cheater Pint

8:00 Satch Kerans

8:30 Fireking

9:00 The Buckners

9:30 The Fawns

10:00 The New Thirty

10:30 Static Of The Gods

11:00 The Mystery Tramps

New York
(please note: there will not be an IPO show on Wednesday, November 15)

Thursday, November 9: The Baggot Inn

82 W. 3rd St.

212 477-0622


7:30 Avi Vinocur

8:15 Gregg Swann

9:00 Jason Reischel

9:45 The Mags

10:30 Twenty Cent Crush

11:15 Dave Rave with Gary Pig Gold

Friday, November 10: The Baggot Inn

7:30 Matt Rocker

8:15 Stingray Green

9:00 The Light Years

9:45 The Crayons

10:30 The Crash Moderns

11:15 Locksley

Saturday Afternoon, November 11: The Baggot Inn

82 W. 3rd St.

212 477-0622


1:00 Matthew Brookshire

1:45 Michael Lynch

2:30 Chris Brown

3:15 e. joseph

4:00 Coley

4:45 Lane Steinberg

Saturday Evening, November 11: The Baggot Inn

82 W. 3rd St.

212 477-0622


7:30 The O.A.O.T.’s

8:15 Blackout

9:00 The Brand

9:45 The Drawbacks

10:30 Copperpot

11:15 The Orion Experience

Sunday Afternoon, November 12: The Baggot Inn

1:00 Comic Book Heroes

1:45 Barnacle Bill

2:30 The Crowd Scene

3:15 The Break Mission

4:00 The Jellybricks

4:45 Tan Sleeve

Sunday Evening, November 12: The Baggot Inn

7:30 The Kung Fu Girls

8:15 The Tattle Tales

9:00 Baby Shakes

9:45 Prima Donna

10:30 The Punch Line

11:15 Nicole Collins

Monday, November 13: The Baggot Inn $10

7:30 Jeremiah Birnbaum

8:15 PoP Is ArT

9:00 TrueHeart

9:45 Ben Carroll

10:30 The Trolleyvox

11:15 Airdate

Tuesday, November 14: The Baggot Inn $10

7:30 Andy Mac

8:15 Matthew Pop

9:00 Marykate O’Neil

9:45 National Fire Theory

10:30 The Problem

11:15 The Effects

Thursday, November 16: The Baggot Inn


7:30 The Junior League

8:15 Future 86

9:00 Bipolar Star

9:45 The Sun Kings

10:30 Susan Hedges

11:15 The Motion Sick

Friday, November 17: The Baggot Inn (Girls Night Out!!!)

82 W. 3rd St.

212 477-0622


7:30 AJ Lambert

8:15 Jana Peri

9:00 Changing Modes

9:45 Wendy Ip

10:30 Hello Tokyo

11:15 The Catholic Girls

Saturday Afternoon, November 18: The Baggot Inn

1:00 Alexander Seier

1:45 Ben Keene

2:30 The Cucumbers

3:15 The Beltways

4:00 PHAM

4:45 The Trouble Dolls

Saturday Evening, November 18: The Baggot Inn


7:30 The Roscoe Project

8:15 CJ Grogan

9:00 The Misteriosos

9:45 The Grip Weeds

10:30 Mod Fun

11:15 Muck and The Mires

12:00 The New Arrivals

Sunday Afternoon, November 19: The Baggot Inn (Girls Afternoon Out!!!)

82 W. 3rd St.

212 477-0622


1:00 Karma

1:45 Shanna Zell
2:30 Elisa Peimer

3:15 Lori Michaels

4:00 XOCH

4:45 Olivia Greer

Sunday Evening, November 19: The Baggot Inn $10

7:30 Yellow Delicious

8:15 Lloyd United

9:00 Green To Think

9:45 The Anderson Council

10:30 The Vinyltones

11:15 Jake Stigers