Live Rock and Roll

Vacation Ideas

Wondering where to go for your vacation next year? Well Lonely Planet, who produce possibly the best travel guides in the industry, have some really cool music theme ideas that you might want to consider. First up is the Mississippi Delta Blues theme. What does this have to do with rock and roll you ask? I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. If the blues is not your thing, how about one of the greatest outdoor rock and roll festivals in the world today? That’s right we are talking Glastonbury baby, and a weekend in the English countryside listening to some of rock and roll’s greatest bands in the company of a couple of thousand people sounds quite cool to me. Or, try something a little smaller scale with their CBGBs theme. That’s right, the infamous bowery bar that was the launching pad for Television, The Ramones, Patti Smyth and Blondie amongst others makes this another cool theme idea. Finally, although not strictly rock and roll, reggae in Jamaica is another theme that just rolls off the tongue. To deny reggae’s influence on rock and roll is to be foolish mon. There you go, your Rock and Roll Report vacation planner. No commission required. Got any other cool themes you think others might like? Let me know so we can start planning!