Van Halen have successfully completed their latest round of business negotiations

I must preface this post by saying that I used to be a huge Van Halen fan. I loved the David Lee Roth era (still do, I was just listening to Van Halen 2 the other day) and I grew to like Sammy Hagar but with the whole “Sammy’s out, Dave’s back in. Oops Dave’s out, that Extreme guy is now in. Oops he’s out and now Dave might be back. Whoa Dave’s not really in but Sammy’s back” crap I just got tired of following the whole mess. Well Van Halen have announced that they will be touring this summer probably with Sammy Hagar and I hope that they enjoy it, I really do. Music is about business I realize that but you gotta wonder if the business of music will have sapped the rock and roll out of Van Halen. For Michael Anthony’s sake I hope not.


  1. I started listening to VH the day the first album was released … and was hooked, instantly.

    The combination of Eddie’s breakthrough guitar work, Michael and Alex’s driving backbeat, and Diamond Dave’s brash, devil may care attitude provided all I look for in the music … a good time.

    When I want to stay on top of world issues, I read the paper.

    Power ballads?

    Leave that to the 80’s hair bands … k, guys?

    Sammy is a class act … but as far as I’m concerned, he is not, and never was, part of what made VH truly entertaining.



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