Vinyl Lives!

It’s interesting that I just focused on the label Crusher Records on this week’s 3 Amigos show, a label that releases all of its recordings on 7″ vinyl. Interesting because vinyl, while not back as a popular format, has certainly not died the death we thought was so obvious once CDs and certainly MP3 downloads became commonplace.

Check out the article Record plant still pressing vinyl albums by John Gerome. Although vinyl is primarily used these days by DJs who scratch with them, there is no doubt that the warm, rich sound of a vinyl record is a welcome sound to many music afficianados, much like those guitarists that insist that an electric guitar sounds best coming through a tube amp.

While I look back fondly at vinyl, I tend to focus more on the hassles then the sound. I will never forget receiving “Ghost in the Machine” for my birthday years ago only to have my buddies pull it out at a party that night and proceed to scratch pretty much every song I liked on the album, making it pretty much unlistenable thereafter. At the same time, flipping through those Crusher Records releases certainly gave me a more visceral thrill than any CD I can recall opening. Perhaps that is where the appeal lies. Plus the artwork on an album is so much easier to enjoy than on a CD.