Volcanoes Talk Beatles, Influences, Girls and Offer RRR Readers a Free Song (Thanks Volcanoes!)

The mischievous Volcanoes are hot like a laser beam. Fizzing with ideas and in full musical technicolor, this band have had their teeth clenched deep into the UK indie scene and are truly original, imaginative and creative. Based in both Leeds and Sheffield, the band lives in a musical soup; absorbing both scenes and constantly honing their sound. The band has come a long, long way since its humble beginnings as a two-piece acoustic act. Things haven’t always been easy for Volcanoes, not that it is for any band, but they’ve taken plenty of knocks. Now, they’re sounding unstoppable and better and fresher than ever.

From the outset, Volcanoes have made it their mission to write enchanting songs, to gig them as hard as possible and to enjoy every minute of it. It has never been about looking good or acting cool because trends come and go my friends, but great music lasts forever. The band avoids cliques, plays super sweet gigs and has a fabulous and growing fan base: what more could a band wish for?

Volcanoes thrives on two things; jolly good fun and brilliant music. The band is also slick, tight as a knot, rude, funky, gracious and simply heroic onstage. They pride themselves on their live shows because to them this is what it’s all about and, it’s no big surprise, that they have an infectious charm when performing. On top of everything this band is super productive: they are always busy writing and recording and have a wonderful  catalogue of EPs just waiting to be discovered.

With a new EP released last autumn, another EP coming this spring (“Sugar and Snarls” will be available April 26), a fistful of gigs and an album in the pipeline; Volcanoes might just be one of the most exciting UK bands to watch out for. “Shaking That Brass” was released last autumn and is an absolute peach; a fine example of Volcanoes’ form of indie-alternative-rock. Yes, the influences are highly varied, but with the elated joy that these guys create it’s, simply put, pure Volcanoes. The fun that this band has while performing is clearly audible and “Shaking That Brass” offers five highly imaginative songs that will get you bopping along with a big grin on your face. Find out for yourselves by downloading the last track, “Making Progress,” through the link at the end of the interview. (Thank you Volcanoes!)

Q: “Shaking That Brass” contains a variety of musical styles; who are your main musical influences?

A: We’re not influenced by any one band in particular, but just love loads of music like indie, rock and acoustic. OCD has a jazzy feel, but some of the new stuff almost has a hip-hop beat. I’d like Volcanoes to be like The Beatles, who could change their sound from song to song and made fantastical, diverse and fun albums. We’re not there yet but hey, give us some time.

Q: Charles Oliver Darwin & Temple stand out; what was the inspiration behind these?

A: I had a very tough time with OCD a few years ago and I wanted to let out some steam with that song. I think getting a bit messed up actually helps me to be creative so I have a slight love/hate relationship with that aspect of myself. Temple is just about sex and mainly about my teenage self thinking about girls all the time and then finally meeting one who will actually shag me. What an ace moment that is.

Q: What are your aspirations; where would you like your music to take you?

A: I think we’d all like to earn a living out of our music and then we could give up our jobs, record and go on tour. We’re pretty ambitious and so I see no reason why we can’t make a success out of ourselves and hit the festivals around the world.

Q: Highs and lows of your musical career so far?

A: Highs have been both our launch parties for “Trick of the Light” and, more recently, “Shaking that Brass”. Both have been amazing nights; we played to big crowds and really raised our profile. Our low point was signing to Chromium Records in our very early days. It was basically just a scam to con young hopeful bands out of a few hundred quid. We won’t do that again.

Q: When you’re not making music; what do you do for fun?

A: We all like movies and going out, some of us a bit too much! We all play plenty of video games, Boa plays football, Shirles and I snowboard and Ash plays Rugby. Oh yeah, we spend time with our girls too.

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Have a listen to Making Progress courtesy of the Volcanoes and The Rock and Roll Report!

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