Voodoo Soup- Live at the Bondi Hotel

9th of April, 2005

Saturday evening pub/hotel bands usually don’t know the first thing to music. No, let me say that again; they won’t even consider being remotely musical or innovative. Instead these kind of bands decide that playing covers of terrible one hit wonders are the thing to do. Tonight, on a small stage in Sydney Australia, in the Bondi hotel, across from the beautiful waves of Bondi beach, a four piece group who called themselves ‘Voodoo Soup’ played one fucken great set.

Influences as diverse as Robert Johnson, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan were on display, as this band on ‘the rise’ turned a room of spectators into a room of music lovers. The set list contained almost all originals, with the exception of a Bob Dylan cover which was almost unrecognisable. The actual songs were nothing worth bragging about, but the rhythm and the energy that flowed off the stage is what left me tapping my feet hours after.

Watching ‘Voodoo Soup’ reminded me of the energy and power of Led Zeppelin, and the blues inflected rhythms of a young Robert Johnson. Combine these two forces and you have a band with some healthy potential. Whether or not they can capitalise on this and capture it in some well written songs; only time will tell.

By Ari Schwartz


  1. Catch Voodoo Soup rockin out the Civic Hotel- cnr Pitt and Goulburn St, Thursday 16th June, supported by G. Nunan Project and Mr. Wilson. From 8pm, $12 (or $10 students, presale, and FBi members)

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