Watchin’ The Blues

I have been watching the PBS special The Blues this week and I’m telling you this documentary on the blues directed by Martin Scorsese is fantastic and I urge everyone to tune in. Even if you are not a fan of the blues this could very well be your initiation. And if you think in some misguided way that the blues has nothing to do with rock and roll, especially the rock and roll of today then I beg you to watch this series. Rock and roll is based on the blues period. This fact cannot and should not be denied no matter if you listen to the Yardbirds or Limp Bizkit. This series will give you perspective and appreciation for an incredible form of music that has survived through a heck of a lot of heavy stuff (like oh let’s see we’ll start with poverty and racism and stop there for the sake of brevity) to triumph in a testament to the strength of the human spirit. And like good rock and roll, the blues will thrive and survive for a long time, it’s just that you might have to search it out a little bit harder these days. Not only that, what I like most about The Blues is the smile that it puts on my face while listening to these men and women reaching deep down into their souls while spilling their musical guts all over the stage/porch/pulpit. An incredible journey that I highly recommend. Really great stuff. Watch now because it ends October 4th.