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Wayback Machine News!

Direct from the Bomp! list:

Hey everyone, I’m happy to announce that there’s a new crew in place
to pilot the Wayback Machine on future missions. Don’t worry, I’m
still the captain of this ship. But I’m adding a couple of first
mates: Ryan "Gilligan" Katastrophe and Scott "Doc" Lasser. Doc will be
joining me on the show tonight, and Ryan next week. I think the plan
right now is to have them alternate as co-host or whatever every-other
week or so, and then about once a month they’ll do the show
themselves, together. That should be interesting! Then I’ll probably
still do the show solo once a month or so, too. Anyway, I’m just kinda
bored doing it all by myself and I feel it’s time for a change. Plus,
it’s time the show got a kick in the pants and I think this will do
it. It will also help relieve the strain a bit for me and actually
give me a week off now and then, something I’ll welcome gladly.

Happy birthday to me,


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