We all live in a yellow submarine!

I tried not to talk about this whole “Grey Album” controversy but it is all so ridiculous. For those of you not sure what I am talking about, DJ Danger Mouse created a CD mixing the music of rapper of Jay-Z with songs from the Beatles’ White Album creating something he called the Grey Album (get it). Problem is he forgot to ask EMI and The Beatles. EMI basically said this is copyrighted material and you can’t do it and everybody suddenly lost their marbles. A protest formed and Downhill Battle initiated Grey Tuesday where more than 100,000 people downloaded the album in “protest.” Protest against what? I am not a big fan of the major labels but since when have you been allowed to take somebody’s music and mix it up whichever way you please without the musicians consent? Never! Give me a break people. If you want to protest something protest the slow degradation of our fair use rights or the DMCA or artists rights or the lousy state of public education in North America or (insert favourite cause here) but protesting something called “corporate censorship” is a bit beyond the pale. If you are concerned about the artistic merit of DJ Danger Mouse’s album you should be equally concerned about the artistic merit inherent in the White Album. Artists have a right to protect their work since that’s all they have at the end of the day. Letting somebody screw around with my masterpiece wouldn’t sit too kindly with me or most musicians and I don’t see any reason why things should be different here. This isn’t corporate censorship; this is about a guy who didn’t want to play by the rules. Either play by them or change them but don’t run around them. There are plenty of reasons to hate the major record labels. In my opinion, this example isn’t one of them.